Electrical Power & Lighting Design

Smooth and seamless operation of your project demands a well-planned and designed electrical system. Electrical systems are an integral part of any building feature that requires power, from your lights and computers to your alarms and emergency egress.

Claitman Engineering has experience designing electrical systems such as:

•  Electrical service entrance and branch circuit power distribution

•  Emergency power generation and  distribution systems

•  Harmonic and electromagnetic filtering and diagnostics

•  Automatic and manual interlock systems

•  Uninterruptible power supply systems

•  Code compliant and energy efficient lighting design and lighting controls

•  Site lighting and exterior building lighting design and controls

•  Telecommunication and security system design

•  Fire alarm system design and layout


HVAC System Design

Claitman takes many factors into consideration when selecting an HVAC system that will best meet the needs of each specific project. From occupant comfort to indoor air quality and serviceability to specific codes and standards, Claitman insures that the system implemented meets your requirements.


In addition to temperature, other factors come into play, such as humidity, ventilation, pressurization, noise and vibration, all of which must be controlled to provide optimal conditions for people, equipment and valuable property. Claitman takes all these factors into consideration before selecting a system.

Claitman has experience designing HVAC systems that address a multitude of design aspects, such as:

•  Fire, smoke and odor control systems

•  Industrial ventilation systems

•  Industrial process piping systems

•  Industrial heating systems

•  HEPA filtration/cCEAn rooms

•  Infection isolation environments

•  Sound attenuation

•  Central chiller and boiler plants

•  Chilled, hot water and steam systems

•  Code review/analysis

hvac system.jpg

Plumbing System Design

Every project has its own unique qualities. This uniqueness requires us to utilize our experience as well as our knowledge of current codes and standards. Claitman Engineering’s goal is to provide you with a plumbing design that is both economical to install and cost efficient to operate. Here at Claitman, we strive to provide the best plumbing solutions for each project.


Our plumbing professionals are not only knowledgeable about typical plumbing systems, such as sanitary drainage, water distribution piping, and site utilities, but, also complex and specialized systems including:

•  Laboratory acid drainage

•  Fuel oil delivery

•  Storm water management

•  Laboratory gas

•  Deionized water

•  Ultraviolet filtration

•  Municipal sewage and lift stations

•  Medical gas


Fire Protection/Fire Alarm Design

Claitman Engineering designs modern fire protection systems which incorporate a combination of systems to meet code requirements and address specific hazards. Claitman has extensive experience in the installation of sprinkler systems (Wet, Dry, Preaction). Installation of sprinkler systems in existing buildings and designs for new facilities. Our staff has the expertise to install the right system for your building.

Fire protection design includes three distinct disciplines. The first discipline addresses the initial steps in building design which requires the evaluation of the applicable codes and standards, then integrating these requirements into the building system design.


The second discipline addresses the piping for delivering the water suppression medium through the distribution system to the protected areas.


The third discipline is the electrical systems for smoke and fire detection and alarms.


Our experience spans all facets of fire protection design, including:


•  Innovative solutions to complex fire hazards such as computer room gaseous suppression   systems

•  Use of computer-generated hydraulic calculations

•  Thoroughness of design information provided to the contractors.